Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Squeazing In Some Fun While We Have the Sun

I had promised Cami and Josh a bike ride on Monday so in spite of the ache in my heart for my friend we filled up our water bottles, strapped on our helmets, and hit the road on our "bikables" (Enoch's name for bicycles).

This is one of my favorite spots on the trail. It's even prettier when the plants are more green.

I made Cami and Josh stop and pose.

We had intended to ride to Utah Lake (9 miles) or at least to Willow Park (7 miles) but the wind was blowing and by the time we made it to the little park we went to on Saturday (4 miles) we were ready for a rest. Well, at least Cami and I were ready for a rest.

Josh could have gone on and on. I now realize all of those stops we made on Saturday were actually helpful, yes I will admit it even to impatient me. The ride home was easier. The wind was helping us. Even still, Josh left us in the dust.

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Krazy Kearls said...

I would love to come do the trail with you one time when I was down. Maybe one of you little ones would lend my their bike cause that would be a little tricky! But this sounds like a wonderful morning activity.I am coming down the first weekend in may for my sister blessing her baby and the second weekend in may to pay the car payment I mean do hair! Love ya amy. ps I am so jealous you guys are ouside so much. the snow is still here!