Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our First Bike Ride This Year

One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike on the trail behind our house. It's an escape! Except for when I take little people, then it becomes a lesson in patience.
Today Josh, Noelle, a couple of neighbor boys, and I decided to hit the trail for the first time this year. The little people had a lot of fun and Josh and I worked on developing more patience. We rode 4 miles to a park strategically placed along the trail, took a play break and after some coaxing to leave the park we pedaled home. With lots of stops to look at a moth, pick up a golf balls (the trail passes through a golf course), throw rocks into the river, use the restroom, take a drink, wait for stragglers, get Noelle's pants out of her chain, rest, and walk up a hill it took longer than I had hoped and Vaughn expected. He ended up coming to look for us. He found us about a mile from home.
Josh and I decided next time we'd do it alone.


Warner Fam said...

Hey I tagged you. Go to my blog to see what you need to do!! Hope you are having a great day.

Kevin & Linz said...

Your family is pretty awesome! I found you blog through marci. As with the others it is fun to keep up with your lives since we see you once a year! Your kids are so grown up! Crazy!

Larry said...

Hi Holly,

This blog is a great idea!

It sounds like you had a fun, if tiring, bike ride. We admire you for your patience and wonderful mothering skills.

We are still using the computers at the library. Hopefully our home computer will be up and running within the next week or so.

Venise and I are getting near the end of our school year. Although we are teaching different courses (mine is Doctrines of the Gospel and hers is Doctrine and Covenants) we both seem to be covering similar topics right now. Today I will be teaching about the Spirit World and Work for our Dead and Venise will be teaching about the Second Coming.

We love everything about our mission! Last Saturday we took a train ride with another missionary couple to Stratford-Upon-Avon and had lunch together. Later this month we are going to a Shakepeare play with several couples.

Please extend our love to all of your family. We love you all very much.

God bless you.