Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Break

Spring break passed a little too quickly for most of us but we sure loved it while it lasted!

  • Ashley spent many hours during the break working on her quilt. She finished all but the binding. She even was available to take a few babysitting jobs (a rare thing- she usually has to much homework and a full social calendar) and earned some money. Ashley was the only one excited about returning to school, not necessarily to attend classes, just to see her friends.

  • Cami spent a lot of time practicing softball, reading Harry Potter, and of course babysitting.

  • Josh was fortunate enough to have a Scout trip to Goblin Valley. He did lots of hiking with his troop.

    Josh is ready to go to Goblin Valley!!

  • Noelle, Rachel, and Rebekah played to their hearts content with their friends without homework getting in the way.

  • Enoch enjoyed having all of his fans so readily available. He did his best to get in on the fun. Jumping on the tramp is now one of his favorite activities.

All of the spring break action wore Enoch out. He fell asleep at the dinner table.

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