Thursday, April 3, 2008

General Young Women's Conference

On Saturday Ashley, Cami, and I got to go downtown to the Conference Center to see the General Young Women's Conference. On the way we treated ourselves to an early dinner at Panda Express.
I was worried about parking but it turned out to be easy. We had a parking pass and we only had to drive around the block once to find the entrance. We made sure we brought the Mazda so we wouldn't have to worry about clearance difficulties. (We learned the hard way in a D.C. parking garage that our 12 passenger Chevrolet van is too tall for most parking facilities.)
The General YW Presidency and President Eyring gave some great talks. The music and surroundings were beautiful. We were however a little bit disappointed that President Monson didn't speak. We got a chuckle after the meeting as President Eyring waved his cane at us as he exited.
We took a few minutes after the meeting to see the Christus in the Visitors Center and I had planned on taking pictures of the girls on Temple Square with all of the flowers but I discovered that I forgot to put the battery back in the camera after I charged it. So we didn't get to take pictures. We still had an enjoyable afternoon and evening together. I am grateful I have such wonderful daughters.

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