Monday, May 18, 2009

I Can't Believe Enoch is Three!

On May 11, my little guy turned 3! Where does time go? It doesn't seem that long ago that he turned 2, or was born for that matter. What a joy he has been to our family! We still can't get over how cute he is.

Enoch admires his big brother Josh. He enjoys chillin with his big sisters, Ashley and Cami, and he loves to play house with Noelle, Rachel, and Rebekah. It breaks his heart when they go outside to play with their friends and he has to stay inside.

Enoch is gentle and loving to his little sister Faith. When she cries, he says, "Don't cry, I'm here, I'm here." He constantly smothers her with love and says “Oh, she is so cute, she is so cute.”

Enoch is affectionate. It fills my heart with joy when he comes up and says, "Mom, I love you." He is a singer. He bursts into songs like "I Am A Child of God" "Three Little Speckled Frogs" and "The Wise Man Built His House Upon A Rock" throughout the day. He loves books and is always looking for someone to read to him. He knows the alphabet and loves his letters.

Enoch is a very important part of our family! I am thankful to Heavenly Father for him.


The Calls said...

cute picture. Happy Birthday Enoch.

Corilee said...

They grow up too fast, don't they. What a blessing to still have little ones. Yes it's also a blessing see them grow up and get to know their personalities but childhood is fleeting and then it's gone.

Happy day, Enoch!

nora.lakehurst said...

What a cute little guy. He sure is a darling little one. My kids sure enjoyed his visit while he was here. What fun. I hope we can play sometime soon.

Stacey said...

He's a cutie!

Happy belated birthday to him.