Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Home Evenings

Family Home Evenings have been very good at our house lately. Not because Vaughn and I have done anything spectacular, but because our kids have.

Josh taught a couple of great lessons, on service and gratitude, complete with scriptures to look up and read, and his testimony. Ashley prepared and presented a touching Easter message.
And Noelle spent the Sunday afternoon before her lesson on the Word of Wisdom, preparing visual aides while everyone else in our household over 8 napped.

Living the Word of Wisdom helps you to be healthy and happy.

Breaking the Word of Wisdom will make us unhealthy and unhappy.

(See Doctrine and Covenants 89)


Jenn said...

I saw your comment on my blog, and had to come look at yours. How fun! I love that your kids are so good and diligent at FHE. You can tell they were raised well! :) I'm glad I can keep in touch with you on your blog now!

The Calls said...

How cute is that. Can she come do our FHE lessons? ha ha.