Friday, January 2, 2009

Announcing the arrival of

Holly Faith Spendlove

December 22, 2008
1:54 p.m.
7 lbs 3 0z
19 in
American Fork, Utah

It had been a long hard 9 months and I must admit I was thrilled my blood pressure was high and I needed to be induced!

Vaughn had to wear a mask and gown.

The baby was breech so I had my first c-section.

Noelle thinks "Dad looks like a lunch lady!"

I was sad I couldn't hold my baby right away.


It was all so worth it!

The weather outside was frightful the day Faith was born so by the time the Vaughn was able to bring the kids to the hospital to see their new little sister they were unable to see her up close because she had been moved to the NICU.


Cynthia said...

Congratulations!! She is a beautiful baby. Hope all is well.

Jenalee said...

What a gorgeous baby! And I love the name Faith. I especially loved Vaughn in his c-section attire. The lunch lady comment made me laugh at loud. Everyone here at work turned to look at me. Oh well. It was so worth it.


Chad and Amy said...

We are so excited for you and your family. We love your family and look up to you all so much! Hope all is well. Faith is beautiful!

Warner Fam said...

Congratulations!! It was fun to see you and your family today!!

Lance & Em said...

Congrats! She is a little cutie pie.

Jamey said...

Congrats! I am excited to have our little girl soon! She is adorable!

Utah MOM OF 7 said...

Holly: Congratulations on your new little Faith. Large families are great! My oldest is 23, and my youngest is 3.

I noticed you have my old website on your blog - I am no longer using it, but have a new blog called

Thanks for your support. Valerie

nora.lakehurst said...

So You do have a blog! Ha ha, I found it!! So you gotta come see mine now. ;) I post at least once a week.

Kristen and Brandon said...

oh, so sweet! Can't wait for ours to arrive! :)