Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

I Have Been Blessed With a Wonderful Mother!

  • She taught me to pray.

  • She took me to church even when it was as struggle with 3 small children.

  • She taught me the gospel.

  • She read to me and instilled in me a love of reading and learning.

  • She always prepared well balanced meals.

  • She let me sit on the counter when I was little and "help" her make cookies even though now I realize it would have been so much easier to do it without me.

  • She taught me to work by example, working with me, and expecting a lot. I remember cleaning, and being called back to redo what I had missed, shelling peas for what seemed like hours, weeding long rows of vegetables, picking raspberries, husking corn, washing dishes, folding clothes.... I just didn't get why she liked to work so much?? Now I am grateful she did! (Mom, I now know it is because you worked so hard that you always fell asleep during movies.)

  • She made my lunches.

  • She wrote me little notes thanking me for my help and left them for me to find.

  • She took me shopping and sacrificed her own wants so I could have mine.

  • She listened to me.

  • She put up with A Lot of whining! (Sorry about that!)

  • She was, oh, so patient! How did you do it, Mom?

  • She taught me to drive even though that scared her.

  • She wrote me faithfully on my mission.

  • She has tended, played endless games, and done arts and crafts with my children.

  • She has always set a good example and magnified her callings.

  • She continues to be patient and hardworking.

  • She doesn't speak ill of others.

  • She is thoughtful and generous, always giving, always serving. She even gives gifts to her daughters for Mother's Day!

  • She truly is my wonderful mom!

  • She is a wonderful grandma!

Thank you, Mom! I love you! Happy Mother's Day!

I Have Also Been Blessed With A Wonderful Mother-in-law!

  • She raised a great son!

  • She taught him the gospel.

  • She welcomed me into her family and loved me as daughter.

  • She is generous, always giving.

  • She spent her birthday in 1998, in Nevada, away from the comforts of her own tending 3 little children while I was in the hospital delivering Noelle.

  • She went back to Nevada in 2000 to help me out again when I had Rachel.

  • She is always so optimistic.

  • She is a hard worker!

  • She (along with Larry) has taken each grandchild old enough on a special trip. Oh, how our children have looked forward to, enjoyed, and remembered with fondness this special vacation!

  • She loves the Lord and shares her testimony of the gospel and love for Him frequently.

  • She is setting a great example for her family by serving as a missionary.

  • She is a wonderful mother!

  • She is a wonderful grandmother!

Thank you Venise! I love you! Happy Mother's Day!


Jodi said...

Thanks for the great cry session. How true all those things are about our Mother. She is the best. The only explanation is that she was sent from heaven. We are truely blessed to have her as our Mother. Do you hand out kleenex with your blog posts?

emily call said...

I loved reading this and seeing that beautiful picture of your Mom. It brought back a lot of memories for me. Happy Mother's Day!